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Hey sky, take off your hat, I am on the way!

– Valentina Tereshkova

Space Science

Astronomy, rocket science, planets, stars, galaxies, and the moon. School curriculums do not cover these topics in depth. This fall, help your child get a taste of space through our space programs. They have been designed to introduce little minds to space science through well-designed, age-appropriate sessions with space experts.

mars colonization

Mars Colonization

universe science

Universe Science

flight science

Flight Science

rocket science

Rocket Science

space science

Space Science


Humans in Space

Jet, Set, Go – Space Camp at eTutorWorld

We also offer a year-long Mars Colonization Course for our enthusiastic, future space scientists. This course has 52 sessions that will be conducted over 52 weeks (one session per week).

All our space learning packs offer an age-appropriate, structured learning experience for little explorers. The classes will be conducted by the expert teachers from GiveMeFive, in groups of 5 students. These learning packs will offer your child the best view of the outer world along with the company of like-minded, same-aged, inquisitive crewmates.

eTutorWorld has partnered with GiveMeFive to introduce your child to space science and help them learn in detail about rockets, Mars, and its colonization. GiveMeFive is an online learning platform that offers lessons in AI, Space Science, and Coding. The webinar and lessons will be delivered by GiveMeFive’s expert team.

space science