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CogAT Practice Test and Online Worksheets

Get Started with CogAT test Sample Questions

Solve Free CogAT Online Practice Tests and CogAT Sample Questions

Start your child’s CogAT Test Prep with Free and Premium Online CogAT Practice Tests and Worksheets for the Verbal, Non Verbal and Quantitative Batteries.

CogAT - Level 8 (Grade 2)

  • Free
  • 10 Questions
  • Verbal + Non Verbal + Quantitative

CogAT - Level 9 (Grade 3)

  • Free
  • 10 Questions
  • Verbal + Non Verbal + Quantitative

CogAT - Level 10 (Grade 4)

  • Free
  • 10 Questions
  • Verbal + Non Verbal + Quantitative

Choose from various CogAT Practice Test Programs formulated by experienced CogAT expert tutors. Solve CogAT Practice tests and worksheets online and view your performance report and explanations to incorrect answers.

Regular enhancements in our CogAT practice packs by CogAT prep counselors and level specific content experts make sure that your child’s CogAT prep is at its best.


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Premium CogAT Practice Tests and Worksheets

eTutorWorld’s CogAT exam prep content is available for two CogAT levels

  • Level 8 (Grade 2)
  • Level 9 (Grade 3)

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CogAT Test Online Tutoring Pricing

Features of the eTutorWorld Online CogAT Practice Questions

  • Unique proprietary content modeled on the actual CogAT
  • Prepared by experienced CogAT teachers.
  • Incorporates the feedback of students who answered the CogAT earlier
  • Covers the full range of CogAT concepts and difficulty levels
  • Format similar to the actual CogAT Test, e.g. pictorial based questions
  • ‘Timed’ Full Length Tests to replicate actual CogAT test environment
  • Display of raw scores, corrected answers and explanations on completion of every CogAT test and worksheet
  • 24/7 Support to answer questions and resolve issues
  • Unlimited access to FREE CogAT Worksheets
  • Every package provides year-long access to the purchased Premium Content
  • Premium Content is accessible immediately after purchase of CogAT Worksheet Learning Packs
  • Separate packages for each CogAT level –CogAT (Level 8) for grade 2 and COGAT (Level 9) for grade 3

CogAT test results convey how a student’s academic achievement compares to that of students in the same grade and helps identify giftedness.

If you are aged between 7 and 10 years, these CogAT practice sheets will help you achieve top CogAT scores having been prepared for Levels 8 and 9 by grade level and subject experts.

Solving these worksheets will progressively improve your skills for the Quantitative, Non Verbal and Verbal sections. Solve these CogAT sample questions for practice or solve them as a test to yourself or challenge your peers to solve them; they will benefit you anyway.

For students of grades 2 and 3, CogAT Practice Tests include all the below questions types . Each battery is a separate section on the CogAT

Verbal Battery

  • Verbal Analogies
  • Sentence Completion
  • Verbal Classification

Quantitative Battery

  • Number Analogies
  • Number Puzzles
  • Number Series

Non Verbal Battery

  • Figure Matrices
  • Paper Folding
  • Figure Classification

Why practice for the CogAT?

CogAT Practice Questions help your child be prepared for the CogAT test. As the CogAT is answered either on paper or online by students around the world, it is imperative for them to practice answering questions within the time assigned for the test.

Convenient, Affordable & Reliable Access to Online CogAT Practice Tests & COGAT Worksheets:
eTutorWorld has recognized this requirement and hence launched CogAT Online Practice Tests & Worksheets. Students can now practice with these online CogAT worksheets at any time, from anywhere and on any device – be it a laptop, a tab or a mobile. This will help your students manage their CogAT Prep-Help-Plans and get that extra practice which gives your students an edge over their peers in this gritting competitive world.

Highlights of Online COGAT Practice Tests:

The CogAT Mock Tests are ‘Timed’ to 122 minutes for Level 8 and 90 minutes for Level 9; same as the real CogAT test, but the topic-specific COGAT practice worksheets allow students to practice at their own pace. On completion of every CogAT worksheet and test, the raw scores, corrected answers and explanations are displayed so students can plan their future learning path.

What is CogAT?

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a multiple-choice K-12 assessment that measures reasoning skills with different types of verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal questions with a section/battery for each. Most often, schools administer the CogAT to identify students for gifted and talented programs. Riverside Publishing is the publisher of the CogAT exam

Who gives the CogAT?

CogAT can be taken by any student from Kindergarten to Grade 12 – administered by the schools across the US

Quick facts on CogAT

Latest Version : CogAT Form 8
Age Range : K – 12
Test Format : Online or paper-and-pencil. Group or individually administered
Amount of Time : 2-3 hours
Time per Battery : 30-45 minutes
Question Types : Multiple Choice.
Batteries : Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal

What are the levels of CogAT?

CogAT screening forms is a shorter version of the test for Grades 3,4 and 5 that is formed from analogy questions from each battery.

The CogAT Form 6, CogAT Form 7 and CogAT form 8 are simply different versions of the same full test. The CogAT Form 8, the current version, is still new. Its predecessors, the CogAT Form 6 and 7, are still administered at certain schools.

There is a primary version for KG-Grade 2 and multilevel version for Grade 3+

Grade CogAT Test Level Number of Questions Test Time
Kindergarten Level 5/6 118 112 Minutes
1st Grade Level 7 136 112 Minutes
2nd Grade Level 8 154 122 Minutes
3rd Grade Level 9 170 90 Minutes
4th Grade Level 10 176 90 Minutes
5th Grade Level 11 176 90 Minutes
6th Grade Level 12 176 90 Minutes
7th-8th Grade Level 13/14 176 90 Minutes
9th-10th Grade Level 15/16 176 90 Minutes
11th-12th Grade Level 17/18 176 90 Minutes

Test names and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of them are affiliated with eTutorWorld Corporation.

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