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CogAT Test Prep for
Grade 2 – Sample Questions, Worksheets, and Practice Test


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CogAT Test Prep Grade 2

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a widely used assessment tool that measures cognitive development and problem-solving abilities in students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

CogAT scores are used by many schools to identify gifted and talented students, as well as to provide additional support to students who may need extra help in certain areas.

For students in second grade, the CogAT can be particularly challenging, as it introduces more complex cognitive skills and problem-solving tasks.

To help prepare for the CogAT Grade 2 exam, eTutorWorld offers a comprehensive online test prep program designed to help students build the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Which CogAT Level will a 2nd grader take?

Typically a 2nd grader takes the CogAT Level 8. However, your child’s school may administer the above-grade-level test to identify giftedness or administer the below-grade-level test if the school administers the CogAT at the beginning of the academic year. The school may administer the CogAT Form 7 or 8.

CogAT Sample Questions

Sample Qn 1

The top 2 pics relate with each other in a certain way. Choose the answer that relates to the 3rd picture in the same way that the 1st picture relates to the 2nd picture.

A. Figure A                                B. Figure B

C. Figure C                                D. Figure D


Figure D

Apples and grapes are fruits. Carrot is vegetable. So is an eggplant.

Sample Qn 2

Which of the given figures goes best with the three pictures at the top? 


A. Figure A                                B. Figure B

C. Figure C                                D. Figure D


Figure A

The three pictures on the top are of green objects or things.

Sample Qn 3

The pictures in the top row are related in a certain way. Choose a picture from the answer choices that is related in the same way to the picture in the bottom row.

A. Figure A                        B. Figure B

C. Figure C                         D. Figure D


Figure D

The figure on the right is twice in number and roughly half in size.

Sample Qn 4

What number should replace the ? symbol on the green cube so that the sum of the numbers shown on both the cubes are equal?

A. 1                                  B. 2

C. 3                                  D. 4



The numbers on the blue cube are 2, 3, 4 and on the green cube are 2 and 3. To make the sum equal, the missing number is 4.

Sample Qn 5

In the picture, what comes next in the series?



A. Figure A                      B. Figure B

C. Figure C                      D. Figure D


Figure C

The series is 5,6,7,8.

Sample Qn 6

Figure out the relationship between the top two pictures. Then, choose the answer that relates to the 3rd picture in the same way that the 1st picture relates to the 2nd picture.

A. Figure A                    B. Figure B

C. Figure C                     D. Figure D


Figure A

The second figure is the same as the first figure with the right half shaded.

Sample Qn 7

If you fold a paper along the dotted line and cut it as shown and then unfold it, what will you get?

A. Figure A                        B. Figure B

C. Figure C                        D. Figure D


Figure B

If you fold and cut as shown, you get a circle in the center.

Sample Qn 8

Which figure belongs to the top row of images?

 A. Figure A                    B. Figure B

C. Figure C                    D. Figure D


Figure D

Figure D is a cylinder like the top 3 images.

Sample Qn 9

Martha’s fingers were _______ with chocolate


A. Yummy

B. Sticky

C. Smooth

D. Clean


B. Sticky

Chocolate can make fingers sticky and not smooth or clean.

Free CogAT Practice Tests and Sample Questions

Having your child tutored for the CogAT may seem to you as a waste. However, eTutorWorld’s CogAT online Prep Program can help your child get an edge over her peers when being screened for a gifted program entry.

Is your child taking the CogAT Level 8 (Grade 2)?

If yes, Here is a quick guide on what to do next.

When is your child taking the CogAT?
In 2-3 Days

What should you focus on?

  • Free worksheets
  • Quick review pack

When is your child taking the CogAT?
In 7-14 Days

What should you focus on?

  • Comprehensive Pack
  • 5 tutoring lesson Pack

When is your child taking the CogAT?
In 1 Month or More

What should you focus on?

  • Integrated Pack OR
  • Comprehensive Pack
If you are still unsure, let your child take a free trial lesson during which you can seek help on specific/all areas for CogAT and plan on the next steps.


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CogAT Test Online Tutoring Pricing

Why eTutorWorld’s CogAT Online Prep Help? 

  • To help your child be familiar with the CogAT format and question types
  • For an evaluation of your child’s cognitive skills
  • Based on the evaluation, further development of your child’s skills
  • Share content appropriate to your child’s cognitive skills
  • Prepare your child achieve her best performance on the actual CogAT
  • Affordable prep program from the safety and comfort of your home
  • Convenient and flexible schedules with a 24X7 support team to answer your questions

What’s there on the CogAT Test Grade 2?

Across all K-12 CogAT levels, students are evaluated using 3 main batteries- the quantitative, verbal, and non-verbal. Each of these batteries is then further divided into subtests.

CogAT Test

How will CogAT – 2nd Grade help my child?

All CogAT levels are cognitive aptitude tests that assess verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning abilities in K-12 students. It is used:


  1. To identify giftedness in your 2nd grader
  2. To understand your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  3. To prepare a strategy to teach according to your child’s learning style, eventually helping her achieve academic success
  4. To assist schools placing grade 2 students according to their abilities
  5. To help estimate your child’s future academic success

How will CogAT results help design my child’s future learning path?

CogAT scores are often used by home, traditional and private schools to assess academic giftedness or “learning style.” Hence, by taking the CogAT, your child will have a better chance of being recognized for academic excellence. The CogAT is a good way to predict future success based on current reasoning skills. Other than determining gifted program placement, the CogAT test offers insight into a student’s abilities for success in school and after graduation. A student’s CogAT result indicates if there is an uneven pattern of comparative strengths and weaknesses. This information helps a teacher build on the student’s strengths by providing challenges in that area or by tutoring the subject a student struggles with. Likewise, the CogAT report will help a teacher tailor the teaching process according to a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses! The CogAT report, helps you determine any strong or weak areas of your student’s cognitive performance and reasoning skills. This will help you determine the best way to teach your unique student.

How should I start CogAT test prep grade 2 for my child?

Its always advisable to start any test prep and especially cogat test grade 2 with a free cogat practice test that includes questions for all the 3 batteries – the quantitative, verbal and non-verbal batteries. Similar to what the actual CogAT test does, the cogat practice test will help you design your child’s future learning path. Undoubtedly, CogAT practice can increase the validity and stability of the scores that children get on the CogAT tests. You can also get your child to get CogAT prep help over an online tutoring session with an expert LIVE tutor.

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