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Learn  Decimal Numbers  from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

Decimal numbers are compared in the same way as whole numbers that  is  by comparing the different place values from left to right. When we compare two  decimal  numbers. One number is either less than (<) , greater than (>) or equal to (=) the other number.

The following steps will help us to compare the decimal numbers:

  1. The first step is to  compare the whole numbers to the left of the decimal point  starting from the tens place. Decimal with the greater whole number is greater.
  2. If the whole number part is the same, then compare the digit at the tenths place. The decimal with the greater tenths digit is greater.
  3. If the whole number part and the digit in the tenths place are the same, then compare the digit at the hundredths place and so on.

Let’s understand with an example:

1. Compare 53.14 and 53.67


In 53.14 and 53.67, the whole number part is the same, i.e. 53.
In 53.14, the decimal part is .14 and the digit in the tenths place is 1.
In 53.67, the decimal part is .67 and the digit in the tenths place is 6.

But 6>1. Therefore, 53.67 > 53.14

Check Point:

  1. Compare 81.34 and 81.37
  2. Which is greater of 58.35 and 59.35?
  3. Compare 4.997 and 4.979
  4. Ronald and Cindy had a contest to see whose airplane can fly the farthest. Ronald’s went 12.6 meters and Cindy’s went 12.245 meters. Who won the contest?
  5. Mrs.Sanders bought two pumpkins. The first one weighed 3.07 kilograms, the second one weighed 3.017 kilograms .Which pumpkin weighed the least?
Answer key
  1. 81.34 < 81.37
  2. 59.35 > 58.35
  3. 4.997 > 4.979
  4. Ronald won the race. 12.6 > 12.245
  5. The second one weighed the least. 3.017 < 3.07
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