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Online Algebra Tutoring: Linear Equations

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Learn  Linear Equations  from Certified Online Algebra Tutor

A set of different linear equations having the same pair of variables and satisfying the same conditions is a system of Linear Equations.

A system can have 2 or more Linear Equations. The simplest system is when we have 2 Linear Equations in 2 variables.

For example:

2x + y = 10
y – x = 16

Here, we have a set of 2 linear equations in 2 variables x and y.

Solving two Simultaneous Linear Equations means finding the values of x and y that satisfy both the given equations. Hence, it is important that both equations have the same pair of variables and the equations are linear.

Solution (x, y) of a system of Linear Equations is the point (x, y) where the graphs (lines) of all those linear equations intersect.


Methods to solve Simultaneous Linear equations

There are different methods to solve simultaneous Linear equations.

  1. Substitution Method
  2. Elimination Method
  3. Graphing method
  4. Matrix method

Can the following pair of equations be solved?

1.  x + y = 20
x + z = 30

2. 2x = 6
3y = 12

3. x² + y = 4
2x – 8 = y

4. x = 7 – 5y
m = 7 – 5n

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