Reading Bar Charts

What is bar diagram with example?

A bar graph or bar chart is used to show information using bars in a graph for representation of numbers.

Any given statistical data with the range can be depicted on a bar graph.

Example 1

A, B, C and D are the candidates who stood for an election in specific territory. Represent the one who won with the highest votes on a bar graph.

  1. 15 votes
  2. 25 votes
  3. 12 votes
  4. 30 votes

  • The highest votes were gained by D, represented in pink in the bar graph.
  • The least votes were received by C, represented in green.

Such pictorial representation is helpful when we have a large data to look at then this makes the data quite understandable.

Example 2

This bar chart shows the no. of students and their interest levels in various subjects.

  1. Which is the most popular subject?
  2. Which is the least popular subject?


  1. English is the most popular subject.
  2. Math is the least popular.

Check Point

  1. The no. of toys manufactured by a toy factory is given below according to 5 consecutive months. Draw a bar graph representing the following data
200 Sep
350 Oct
400 Nov
100 Dec
500 Jan

  1. The following table shows the points scored by 6 different teams in soccer in the soccer tournament. Draw a bar graph and highlight the winning team.
Teams Points
Napa valley 48
North Carolina 60
Texas 48
New jersey 12
California 28
Colorado 36
  1. Which are teams who are in a tie?
  2. Who has more chances of winning the tournament?
  1. The following are the no of kids studying in a kindergarten school. Depict this in a bar graph.

Group Name Strength
Lily 15
Rose 10
Sunflower 20
Jasmine 25
Answer key

             The winning team is North Carolina.

  1. The teams that are in tie are Napa valley and Texas.
  2. The team which has more chances for winning is North Carolina.
  1.  The following graph depicts the strength in various groups of kindergarten.

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