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Dividing fractions by fractions and whole numbers applications

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If a square tile is \\frac{5}{8} of a foot wide and width of the office cabin room for Melinda is 6\\frac{1}{4}  feet, then how can we find the number of tiles Melinda would need to cover the width her cabin?


For this, Melinda needs to divide the width of tile by the width of office cabin. Let’s see how to do this.


How do you divide a fraction by a fraction?

whole numbers

 Dividing fractions is very much similar to multiplying fractions, but it has one additional step, which is to write the reciprocal of the second fraction, as explained above.

fractions and whole numbers

Now since we know how to divide a fraction by a fraction, let’s us try to solve how many tiles would Melinda need for the width of her office cabin (This is the example continued from the starting of the topic).

Width of office cabin =6\\frac{1}{4} feet = \\frac{25}{4}feet

Width of each tile =\\frac{5}{8}

So, number of tiles Melinda would need to cover the width of her office cabin=\\frac{25}{4} ÷\\frac{5}{8} =\\frac{25}{4} x \\frac{8}{5} =  5 × 2 = 10 tiles (Answer)

When a family of 7 shares a large pizza, we can think of fraction dividing the whole number fraction being the share each shares and pizza being the whole number.

fractions and whole numbers

The pizza is divided into 7 pieces, so each one gets  of the pizza.

How do you divide a fraction by a whole number?

fractions and whole numbers



Solve the following:

  1. \\frac{2}{3} ÷ \\frac{1}{6}
  2. \\frac{3}{8} ÷ 9
  3. A bakery uses \\frac{7}{8} of a bag of flour in each batch of pastries. The bakery used 1\\frac{3}{4}  bag of flour yesterday. How many batches of pastries did the factory make?
  4. Sophie divided 3\\frac{6}{7} gallons of ketchup equally into 6 smaller bottles to put on the tables in her Chinese restaurant. How much ketchup did she put in each bottle?
  5. A family shared a large pizza by dividing it into pieces of \\frac{1}{8} . If 2 kids got one
Answer key
  1. 4
  2. \\frac{1}{24}
  3. 2
  4. \\frac{9}{14}
  5. \\frac{1}{4}

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