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Online Trigonometry Tutoring for 12th Grade

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Personalized Trigonometry Tutoring Online for Grade 12

Tough trigonometry homework in 12th grade? Don’t worry! After having started on topics like radians arc lengths last year we explore them further this year. You convert between radians and degrees; work on the concept of quadrants further. This year you also learn to calculate and find the trigonometric ratios and use these ratios to arrive at side lengths and angle measure. You also study and learn to apply the laws of sines, cosines further. Solving a triangle and a right triangle is a new concept you are introduced to this year.


Trigonometric functions get more interesting as you discover a myriad of applications for them in the fields of statisticscalculus and algebra. This is precisely why our worksheets are designed to make these applications easy to understand!

What’s more at eTutorWorld we offer Online High School Trigonometry Help give you the practice required to enhance your confidence and precision in the topic. Our practice worksheets focus on clarifying hazy concepts and lead you through the journey of trigonometric ratios, radians and functions with absolute ease.

We also realize that you are unique in your educational needs. Our interactive online lessons are designed to understand your strengths and weaknesses be which in turn helps us deliver lessons better suited to your individual needs.

Certified Online Trigonometry Tutors for 12th Graders

Our online tutors are waiting to guide you through the complex world of

  • Trigonometry functions
  • Sine, cosine, tangent
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Powers of complex numbers
  • Inversions

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