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Online Spoken Kannada Classes

Learn to Speak Kannada from an Expert Language Teacher

Spoken Kannada

Learn to speak Kannada online from the comfort of your home – no need to travel to a teacher. Just login and meet a Live Online Kannada teacher with whom you can talk, chat and interact on a whiteboard using state-of-art technology.

The well-curated content to learn spoken Kannada has helped students across all ages and professions to be comfortable with the language.


Spoken Kannada Language Course (Level 1)

Lesson 1-2:  Course Introduction, Greetings, Basic Introductions, Pronouns
Lesson 3-4:  Simple Sentences – Conversational Questions & Answers
Lesson 5-6:  Simple Sentences – Adjectives to enhance sentences
Lesson 7-8:  Learn Numbers, Time, Location References
Lesson 9-10:  Learn about Days, Colours, Comparison 

Spoken Kannada Language Course (Level 2)

Lesson 11-12:  ‘lakaara’ – Verb Forms
Lesson 13-14:  ‘vibhakti’ – Noun Cases
Lesson 15-16:  Verb Pairings, Negation, Modals
Lesson 17-18: avyaya’ – Indeclinable words, Review – vibhakti – Noun Cases
Lesson 19-20:  Overall Review & Summary

Why learn Kannada with eTutorWorld?

  • The convenience of learning Kannada online from anywhere.
  • The medium of instruction while teaching Kannada is English.
  • The thrill of using Advanced Proven Technology that is easy to use, safe & secure.
  • The exclusivity of eTutorWorld’s Learning by Design™ teaching methodology – an effective and fun way to learn Kannada.
  • The opportunity to meet Kannada teachers who are qualified, knowledgeable and patient.


What will you learn in eTutorWorld’s Kannada Language Courses:

  1. Translation from English to Kannada and vice versa.
  2. Interaction in Kannada: Lecture sessions with oral practice pieces and live online tutor. Speak Simple Kannada sentences fluently
  3. Vocabulary: Learn new Kannada words in every session with their meanings and Perfect Pronunciation
  4. Simple Stories: Well-known stories in simple Kannada

Culture/History Notes: Useful reading material at the end of major lessons

About the teacher:

Mr. Anuj Valmiki is an accomplished IT professional and a linguist. For the last 3 years, he has been teaching Kannada and Sanskrit, both online and offline mode. The tremendous feedback he has received from his students speaks volumes about his ability to get across to them. He also knows Hindi, English and Italian.

“It’s my undying passion for my mother tongue that I teach Kannada online. I feel privileged to have adults and children from around the world as my students. I also love …..”

– Anuj Valmiki (Online Kannada tutor)

Karnataka, formerly (until 1973) Mysore, state of India, is located on the western coast of the subcontinent. The state boasts having the largest waterfall of India, Jog water falls created by the Sharavathi river in sharavathi valley in Shimoga.

Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken by about 57 million people around the world. It is the official language of the Indian state, Karnataka. Hence the native language in Bangalore – India’s IT hub, where knowing the language can take you a long way and help you connect with the local culture.

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