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Science Enrichment Program | Online Science Summer Course

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Science For Grades 4 to 7

Man has been dealing with Science ever since. The invention of the wheel and the discovery of wood to be used as fuel are examples of a man making progress in science. Nowadays, we use science even without realizing it like the lights in our house or the computer itself.

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Science Enrichment Program

The study of science & technology is a vital part of growing up. We at eTutorWorld endeavor to make science concepts simple and interesting. Our online science summer program helps children of Grades 4-7 comprehend incidents occurring around them. Concepts are better understood when students learn from tutors specializing in science online summer courses. Our interactive online summer science course helps students learn quickly and effectively. Tutors develop interesting learning sessions that are effective and interactive.

These tutors are experienced in handling students of all intellectual levels and abilities. They help every student master each Integrated Science topic. They use the unique ‘Learning by Design’ teaching methodology to make sure that learning is complete and exact. The Science summer online course starts with a diagnosis to understand your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. On evaluating this test, tutors and counselors plan your learning path throughout this online program.

During each tutoring session, our tutors make sure to enhance your talents and step up your progress levels. Our summer courses are supported by activities and examples of real-life situations that help students retain taught concepts for life. Finally, an end-of-course assessment is taken to measure how much you have assimilated during the course…most of our students get a 90% or above on these assessments. Explore multiple options you can have on our Integrated Science Summer Course at affordable prices. After every session, a fun worksheet is sent to you which helps reinforce those vital science concepts. You could also learn multiple subjects using a single learning pack. Call/email us to know how we can help you to improve, progress, and eventually conquer all those Science phenomena.

Online Science Summer Course – Suggested Schedule

Below is a suggested schedule for the Integrated Science Summer Program. However, it may be different for you, depending on your availability, ability, and progress.


  • Basics – Atmosphere
  • Layers of Atmosphere
  • Biosphere


  • Scientific method
  • Metric measurements


  • Environment and its role
  • Pollution
  • Biogeochemical Cycle
  • Soil


  • Energy
  • Forms of energy
  • Our Earth


  • Matter
  • Atoms, Molecules
  • Our Universe

End-of-Course Test


  • Climate & Weather
  • Weathering and Erosion


  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Interaction with Environment


  • Microbes
  • Harmful and Useful Microbes
  • Review /Practice
  • Evaluation




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20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

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Personalized live online tutoring

4 months validity

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Personalized Online Summer Tutoring

*For every subject, the course topics & duration have been suggested by eTutorWorld’s summer school tutors. However, specific topics/concepts can be learned as required by the student.

The summer programs are one-on-one and personalized for every student. To start with, an expert subject tutor will diagnose your child’s skills and requirements, and a learning path is drawn for your child.

We make sure that your child makes some progress in every Summer Program session. All sessions are recorded and monitored to ensure niche tutoring services and your child’s safety.