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Interactive Storytelling


Online Storytelling Course

Storytelling is the art of communicating culture, morals, and knowledge through words. When we did not have paper and books, storytelling (folktales) was the only way to transfer crucial knowledge from one generation to another.

Experience storytelling at its best with eTutorWorld. This summer, let this special online storytelling course take your little ones to far-off lands while they learn about Indian traditions and grasp moral values. Register today to reserve a seat for your child.

Benefits of Storytelling

If you are looking for reasons to choose the Interactive Storytelling Course this summer, here are 5 compelling ones that you cannot ignore.

  • Fosters Imagination
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Enhances communication skills
  • Instills morals and cultural values
  • Improves listening skills and comprehension

About the Course

eTutorWorld’s Interactive Storytelling Course combines a wide range of storytelling techniques with beautiful stories from Indian literature. This course is for children aged 5-12 years and also covers Sanskrit shlokas and their meanings. Some of the most popular techniques that you will come across include Kamishibai, Performative Story-telling, Puppetry, and Interactive Storytelling.

This online storytelling course has been designed in line with the tenets of child psychology. All the sessions are theme-based and molded around life values that children need to learn. Our tutors use the best techniques and technology to create magical sessions that lead to personal and social growth.

This is a group course with children from different age groups and backgrounds. One batch may have 4-10 students.

Course Schedule

Interactive Story-telling is an 8-hour course for the summer break. The hours will be spread across 4 weeks, with 2 sessions of 45 minutes each per week. We have a fixed schedule for the course with designated days for stories, narrated using different storytelling techniques.

Sl NoName of the StoryMoral of the StorySourced FromStory Style
1Story of Chidambaram and the Cracked PotNever be arrogantMythology and FablesKamishibai - Japanese style of storytelling that combines a set of illustrated paper cards paired with a scripted performance by the narrator
2Silly rich boyBe brave, work hardFolk TalesPerformative storytelling with changing background
3Emperor's ShoesBe creativeFolk TalesPerformative storytelling
4The 3 charmsListen to eldersFolk TalesKamishibai
5GruffalloYou are as strong as you think you are ; size does not matterBritish children's picture book by writer Julia DonaldsonKamishibai
6Farmer PrincessProtect and preserve natureFolk TalesPuppetry
7Flowering treeProtect and preserve natureFolk TalesPuppetry
8Gadadar is DeadAlways ask questionFolk TalesPerformative storytelling
9Brave ElephantImportance of friendshipPanchatantraPerformative storytelling
10Mushika StoryUnderstand mythological storiesMythologyInteractive storytelling
11Garuda StoryUnderstand mythological storiesFolk TalesPerformative storytelling
12Hanuman's RamayanaUnderstand mythological storiesRamayanaKamishibai
13Sita KalyanaUnderstand mythological storiesRamayanaKamishibai
14Phir PhurBe creativeFolk TalesPerformative storytelling
15Princess AmulyaBeing brave, strong and helpfulFolk TalesPerformative storytelling
16Tutu and KaluBeing inclusive, Be braveStory written by Prashanth SanakaranKamishibai
17The Moon PrincessBeing honestFolktale from JapanKamishibai
18KabulliwallaCaring for othersStory by Rabindranath TagoreInteractive storytelling
19The two goatsSharing and caringFablesPuppetry
20Bonku babuBeing braveStory by Satyajit RayInteractive storytelling

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Benefits of Storytelling Course at eTutorWorld

  • eTutorWorld combines the effectiveness of traditional learning with the latest technology.
  • Interactive sessions with ample time allotted for doubts and questions.
  • A structured storytelling course developed by highly respected tutors.
  • Focus on shlokas and Indian culture.
  • Virtual class recordings for missed sessions or weekend revisions.
  • Relaxed learning at chosen timing, including evening hours and weekends.
  • Course Certificate at the end of 8 weeks from eTutorWorld.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the pre-requisites for this course?
There are no pre-requisites for this course. Any students with a desire to learn about Indian culture through interesting stories can register for the course. Hardware pre-requisites include a personal device and a stable internet connection.
2. Who will be teaching this course?

Interactive storytelling sessions will be conducted by experienced story-tellers. They come with a rich history of Expressive Arts Therapy and Theater.

3. Is this a regular course?
Though this is a special summer course that has been planned to get over before schools reopen for the Fall session, we may offer the course even after kids start attending school. However, the course will always be available on the eTutorWorld website.
4. Will there be books for the course?
Our storytellers will be recommending interesting story books from time to time. The books will only be suggestions for some extra reading.
5. Is there a demo session for the course?

Yes, eTutorWorld offers a Free Trial for all its courses. You can fill up this form to register for a free demo session.