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Are you thinking of taking an AP Exam? If so, you may wonder what they are, how they work, and what you need to know to prepare for them.

This blog post will guide you with an overview of AP Exams and answer any questions you may have or all information regarding AP Exams. Here, we’ll explain what AP Exams are, how they can benefit you, how they are scored, and how to prepare for them.

Get ready to dive into the details you need to know about AP Exams!

AP Exams Quick Guide

BoardCollege Board 
PurposeCollege Credit and Placement
Subjects in AP Exams38
Maximum Score5
Average Score 2.92

What are AP Exams?

AP Exams are standardized exams that measure how well students have mastered college-level material.

AP Exams assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities students have gained through their high school coursework in various subjects. The exams test critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques rather than just memorizing facts.

Students’ AP score is an excellent way to show prospective universities that they have high academic excellence, which can result in college credit or advanced standing.

In short, depending on your AP exam scores, you may be eligible to receive college credit or advanced placement.

AP Exam Format

Each AP Exam consists of two sections:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Free Response Questions

The exam takes between 2 to 3 hours to complete depending upon the subjects you chose. There is no negative marking in AP exams.

How to register for the AP exam?

If you’re planning to take an AP exam, you must register and pay for your tests. Registration for each exam typically opens in the fall, with late registration beginning a few weeks later. The deadline for registering and paying for AP exams varies from school to school, so check with your AP coordinator for the exact dates. Register here for AP Exam at College Board

AP Exam Eligibility

High school students in grades 9-12 can take AP exams. Suppose a student is enrolled in a college or university. In that case, they may be eligible to take specific AP exams if they meet particular prerequisites and have taken the necessary coursework. Additionally, home-schooled students are eligible to take AP exams.

AP Exam Fees

The cost per exam, as per the College Board site, will be $97 for tests taken in US, Canada, and DoDEA schools, with an additional $40 for any late orders. There is also a $40 cancellation fee if a student decides not to take the test after ordering it.

Apart from these fees, some schools may also charge fees to cover other costs. Your AP coordinator will be able to tell you the exact details of the exam costs. Students with financial restraints are eligible for an AP Exam fee reduction.

AP Exam Score

The scores for AP exams are reported on a 5-point scale. This score is derived from the combined scores of both sections. A score of 3 and above is required to qualify for various college programs.


AP ScoreCredit RecommendationCollege Grade Equivalent
5Extremely Well QualifiedA
4Well QualifiedA-, B+, B
3QualifiedB-, C+, C
2Possibly Qualified
1No Recommendation


Your AP coordinators will give you the information regarding where to report for exams and on what dates. In 2023, the tests will be administered in two weeks on the following dates:

  • May 1-5
  • May 8-12

AP Exam Late Testing: The late testing dates for AP exams in 2023 are May 17th to 19th.

Benefits of Taking AP Exams

AP exams are an excellent way for high school students to demonstrate their academic knowledge and skills. The exams help colleges and universities gauge the level of learning a student has achieved in a specific subject, allowing them to make better-informed admissions decisions.

Here are some benefits of taking AP Exams if you should know:

  • College Credit: Many Colleges and Universities grant credit to students who score high on AP exams. This helps students to skip introductory-level courses in college and pursue more advanced coursework sooner.
  • College Admissions: Taking AP Exams and performing well demonstrates to college admissions officers that a student has taken rigorous coursework and is academically prepared for college-level work.
  • Academic Challenge: AP Exams are designed to be academically challenging, which means it improves your academic enhancement in subjects which ultimately develops your critical thinking skills, improves problem-solving abilities, and cultivates a strong mindset.
  • Subject Experts: Preparing for AP exams requires in-depth study of specific subjects. By taking AP courses and exams, students can develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter, enhancing their knowledge and skills in a particular field of study.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are AP exams?

AP exams are standardized exams administered by the College Board that assess students’ knowledge and skills in specific subject areas. They are typically taken by high school students who have completed Advanced Placement courses.

How many AP exams can I take?

There is no restriction on how many AP Exams a student can take. 

How long do AP exams last?

AP Exams typically last 2-3 hours but depending upon the specific subject, it can last longer than 3 hours.

When are AP exams administered?

AP exams are offered once a year in May by the College Board. 

Are there fee waivers available for AP exams?

The College Board offers fee reductions and waivers for students with financial need. Eligibility for fee waivers may vary based on individual circumstances and school policies. It’s advisable to contact your school’s AP coordinator for information on fee waiver options.

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