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Tests, Exams, Grades, – words which consist of just a few syllables but are more than enough to strike terror in the hearts of students while causing their parents to fret.

It is not just a fraction of the student population which goes through this rigmarole but in fact, everyone that has ever been to school or college.

Students can rigorously study and prepare for exams but still end up with far less-than-desired grades in turn leading to lowered spirits and in some cases serious dejection.

The one gross error that most parents tend to make is to ‘blame’ – either the child for not preparing well or the system for not being fair enough. 

However, one needs to just look at the bigger picture – why is it that in every class there are a specific set of students who perform and get better scores than the others?

Is it because they tend to have a better grasp of concepts or because they take a keen interest in the academic process itself?

Well, the simple truth is that there is no single reason for why this happens – it is a finely balanced mix of reasons why some students get ahead of their peers in class.

Top Reasons Why Some Students Perform Better!

1. Being Efficient

Efficiency simply is the key to getting things done well and it certainly paves the way for higher grades any student who is organized and can manage to plan and execute the work as per required priorities will perform and score better. Top scorers plan and prioritize their tasks far more efficiently than others.

2. Time Management

Managing timelines and meeting deadlines are critical tools in the hands of successful students. This includes timely completion of assignments, managing project submissions act no postponement of critical preparation till the last minute. Students who value and manage time well are always the ones who stay calm and perform well under pressure situations.

3. Learning through Understanding

A student who attempts to understand any concept instead of simply leaning by rote will always be able to retain that piece of information – often for life. High scorers use this efficient technique to ensure thorough retention of concepts as this allows them to use that knowledge and apply it to a vast array of related questions. A strong foundation can only be built if the understanding is thorough and effective.

4. Note Making

It is widely agreed that writing down always helps learn and retain concepts better. Top scorers have been known to make detailed notes as a method of preparation. They simply use these notes to revise concepts instead of having to go through the complete syllabi just before assessments thus saving crucial time.

5. Stress Management

It cannot be denied that tests and exams will always cause some amount of stress in the minds of students however it is only a happy student who can be a good scorer. Top-scoring studecane to handle pressure and stress well – it could be because of a comfortable and supportive home or a great stress management plan comprising sports or meditation.

6. SWOT Analysis

It may sound like a pretty loaded phrase however what it simply means is that before every grade, better score to analyze and understand their specific areas of strength, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Most often the threats you face will be in the form of peers in competition with you. Students who have done this exercise will always be able to make a study plan keeping in mind the findings – for example – if they need additional help at Algebra they could always use an expert online algebra tutor. Getting the right help at the right time ensures better results and grades.

These are some critical reasons for the better scoring ability of some students, vis-a-vis their peers. It would be quite advisable for parents and students to incorporate some or most of them in their schedulto to get the desired results.