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Photosynthesis – Grade 7 Science Worksheet

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Student’s understanding of a topic can be assessed by asking questions related to that topic. Worksheets strengthen concepts and make learning easier and effective. Educators have often reiterated the importance of worksheets to reinforce a concept.

This Grade 7 Worksheet on “Photosynthesis” aims at building students’ concepts on this Life Science topic. Other than fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions, the worksheet also includes diagram based questions that make learning fun and interesting. This worksheet can also be used by tutors as a ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ to plan and design a Grade 8 student’s future learning sessions on this topic

Sample Questions

Q1. Multiple choice Questions –

a. Photosynthesis is the process which takes place in

i) Mitochondria
ii) Chloroplast
iii) Ribosome


b. Life without Photosynthesis would not be possible.

i) True
ii) False


c. The tubes that bring water from the roots to the leaves are called

i) Xylem
ii) Phloem



Q2. Fill in the blanks –

i) In photosynthesis, __________________ is changed into chemical energy.
ii) The first step in Photosynthesis is ____________ of Sunlight.
iii) Products of Photosynthesis  are _____________  and ______________

iv ) Identify this Organelle. It is found only in the Plant Cell. Label the parts as — Grana, Stroma and single Thylakoid _______________



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