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Characteristics of Living Organisms – Grade 7 Science Worksheets

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Living things are made of cells.

Cell is made of?

It is made up of atoms, which combines to form molecules

All living things need food for their survival. So, they depend directly or indirectly upon each other. A group of same type of organisms or species makes up to be a population. And all of a certain population in a one place is said to be a community.

Ecosystem means a group of communities living together in harmony which has all living beings and non living beings.

Different kinds of ecosystems sum up to make the biosphere.

What are the seven characteristics of a living organism?

  • Cells make up all living things.
  • Eating / growing and developing.
  • We all need Energy.
  • Living things reproduce and give birth to young ones.
  • We respond to stimuli to changes in their surroundings.
  • Living beings are able to move.(movement happens both internally and externally).
  • All living beings breathe.
Check Point

Give one word answer for the following:

  1. What are living beings made of?
  2. What are a group of atoms called?
  3. What do organisms depend mainly on?
  4. What is a population together called?
  5. Where does the ecosystem live?
Answer Key
  1. Cells
  2. Molecules
  3. Food
  4. Community
  5. Biosphere

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