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Conversion of Units

Grade 5 Math Worksheets

Metric System

According to this system, a base unit is used to measure physical quantities of mass, volume, and length. The base unit of mass is the gram, that of the volume is a liter and that for length is meter. The derived units are derived by multiplying and dividing the base unit by factors of 10. The following illustration shows the prefixes and the conversion factors between the base unit and derived units:

conversion of units

Example: Convert 15 m 12 cm to cm.

If we look at the illustration above, we need to go 2 steps down from meters to centimeters. Also, we multiply while moving from a bigger unit to a smaller unit.

So we get, 1 m = 100 cm

15 m = 15 × 100 cm = 1500 cm

15 m 12 cm = 1500 cm + 12 cm = 1512 cm

Example: Convert 65237 g to kg.

If we look at the illustration above, we need to go 3 steps up from gram to kilogram. Also, we divide while moving from a smaller unit to a bigger unit.

conversion of units

Example: A packet of milk contains 450 ml of milk. Is it greater than half a liter?

If we look at the illustration above, we need to go 3 steps down from liters to milliliters. Also, we multiply while moving from a bigger unit to a smaller unit.

conversion of units

As 500 ml > 450 ml, therefore the contents of the packet of milk are less than half a liter.

conversion of units

US Customary Units

The conversion unit charts of different units of length, capacity and volume according to US standard system are given as below:

conversion of units
conversion of units

From the above table, we know that 1 yard = 36 inches

conversion of units

Example: How many cups are there in 6 gallons?

From the above table, we know that 1 gallon = 4 quarts = 4 × 2 pints = 8 pints = 8 × 2 cups = 16 cups

Therefore, 6 gallons = 6 × 16 cups = 96 cups

Example: Michelle’s private limited has to deliver its shipments to its customers. It makes packages of 20 pounds each. A truck can carry 50 tons of packages. How many packages would the truck deliver at a time?

Capacity of truck = 50 tons = 50 × 2000 pounds = 100000 pounds

Weight of one package = 20 pounds

Number of packages truck can deliver at a time = 100000 pounds ÷ 20 pounds = 5000

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Answer Key

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