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Part of a whole is known as a fraction. The top number is called the numerator and the bottom one is called the denominator.

For example, 2/3  is a fraction with 2 as the numerator and 3 as the denominator.

Unlike fractions are those which have different denominators. In order to add and subtract such types of fractions, we need to make the denominators same either by taking LCM of denominators or by using the concept of equivalent fractions. We should always express the answer in the simplest form and if the resulting fraction is improper, then convert in mixed form.

lcm facts

If we want to take the LCM, then consider 5 is a factor of 25. So, LCM is a bigger number i.e. 25.

Let us see the same with the help of equivalent fractions.


The first step here is to convert mixed fraction to improper form.


Check Point

check point

Answer Key

answer key

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