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Free High School Pre Calculus Worksheets

Download and solve Printable Worksheets in the pdf format

Pre Calculus is a bridge between Algebra and Calculus. It is a continuation of Algebra 2. Topics of pre calculus like Sequences & Series, Trigonometry, Polar Coordinates, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions are all pre requisites for studying AP Calculus or Engineering in the future.

Pre calculus concepts teach a student to THINK logically. This area of math is not different from algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry or calculus; in fact, it combines elements of all these three areas of study.

High School Pre Calculus Worksheets
High School students usually study pre-calculus in the 10th or 11th grade. A student typically starts studying pre calculus after having learned trigonometry, linear inequalities and some basic functions. Many US states require that high school students study pre calculus in order to graduate high school. Pre Calculus is also routinely used on many state standardized tests to measure student achievement. The SAT and ACT college entrance exams also involve many problems from pre calculus.

At eTutorWorld, our expert Pre Calculus tutors know that a student can do well in Calculus by working regularly on worksheets. Free printable Pre Calculus worksheets in the .pdf format can be downloaded and printed from the eTutorWorld website. They have been created in compliance with the Core Standards. Students in the age-group 15 -18 years can solve these Pre Calculus practice sheets regularly to understand various concepts better. You can solve topic wise worksheets either alone or with your peers as a challenge to each other. You will be benefited either way.

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