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Prepare for SSAT with Expert Online Tutors

If you wish to gain admission to some of the best private schools in grades between 5 and 12 you need to take the SSAT. With a verbal section which includes synonyms and analogies, two math sections, reading comprehension section and an essay which is usually not graded but sent to the schools to which you apply. Getting a high score on the SSAT can be challenging and at the same time achievable with the right effort and support.

SSAT Tutoring

How can students ace the SSAT with online tutoring?

Online tutoring has been pervasive and widely prevalent and been found to be invaluable in helping the students excel in SSAT. Given the academic climate seen today, it has become vital that students aspiring to get admission into top schools get help from outside in order to excel in the face of the relentless competition. In the past, only students who were poor academically were taking outside help for their educational and academic work. Today there is a greater need for higher skill sets which has led to even on par and gifted students taking help from online tutors. There has come a stage when these students not only take help with standardized tests but also approach tutors and other outside help for their academic work. The right help from online tutors can bolster the students’ knowledge and skill sets. Online tutoring has by and large helped students ace the SSAT. With tutoring, students get to become familiar with the content as well as the strategy required to for understanding and answering the questions correctly. These standardized tests can be a challenge even for bright students especially those who have attended progressive schools and they may find it difficult even to comprehend the questions asked. This is where online tutors become an invaluable source of support and guidance and it is imperative that these students take all the help they need and be properly guided by the tutors.

Design of the online tutoring program for SSAT

The SSAT has been aimed and designed for academically capable and talented middle school students who are aspiring to join private secondary schools in the US. To ace the test classes which are exclusively and entirely dedicated to vocabulary building and essay writing are indispensable and therefore students need to strengthen these skills. With regular practice tests given by online tutoring the students get a chance to familiarize themselves with the overall content, essay writing expectation and timed conditions of SSAT.

During online tutoring for SSAT every day of the week ends with a practice vocabulary quiz which is not just another exercise in memorization but an integral part of the overall learning. These quizzes act as powerful learning tools which ensure that essential vocabulary building is tied up to the reading material presented in other aspects and parts of the learning program and this helps in systematically expanding the student’s understanding in a specialized but utilitarian style and manner. Thus the overall approach to SSAT preparation through online tutoring imparts the necessary skills required which in turn enables success in high-school, college and wherever else the road leads.

One of the main reasons for success in SSAT through these exams is that the course is uniquely effective and intense while being demanding. Students who are highly-motivated, goal oriented and willing to put in hard work will get the most from the online tutoring program.

Every student gets tested while under going the SSAT preparation with online tutoring and the most appropriate level for each student is determined. Under online tutoring the student has courses conducted at every level so as to challenge the upper range of a student’s capacity where possible. By this the students at any level become capable of exceeding their capacity by the end of the learning program.

Learning to answer the questions in a timed manner is another skill that students need to develop in order to be able to ace the SSAT. Once again looking for guidance from an online tutor takes the student a long way in timing their tests and practicing to complete the tests within the given period. With the guidance from a tutor with years of experience coaching these subjects the student receives all the skills required which are for better or worse today a feature of modern education beginning from the lowest to the highest grade.

The SSAT preparation includes:

  1. Full practice tests
  2. Vocabulary quizzes
  3. SSAT verbal lessons – vocabulary and analogy
  4. Reading comprehension
  5. Writing and grammar skills
  6. SSAT Math
  7. Skills development intensive
  8. Answering word and logic problems
  9. Recognizing SSAT trap.

What is the best way to use these online tutors for excellence in SSAT?

Tutors are known to help the students not only with the content but also with developing greater and better strategies, study skills and the necessary discipline required to ace the tests. Thereby these online tutors are also instrumental in helping the child develop skills for a lifetime of development and learning.

Online tutoring provides focused guidance and help with subjects

With tutors having gained expertise and knowledge in the subjects that they teach, the scope for the student for understanding the particular subject increases under the tutelage of a tutor.

Direct Instructions from Tutors increases effectiveness and efficiency

The tutors will invariably have extensive knowledge of the particular school for which the student is going to apply as well as know what the schools expect of the students. This guidance will prove invaluable to the students and along with the added advantage of subject matter expertise from the tutors, the student will start the preparations early and this will prove a great strength and prevents the student from doing last minute preparation.

Practice Tests taken with the help of the tutors aids in the overall preparation

Taking a few practice tests with the help of the tutor will help the student prepare well ahead of time and act as a pointer to errors and aid and assist in correction. Preparation tests with the help of the tutor also aid in understanding the format of the question paper and thereby answering the questions in a timely manner.

Tutors are seen to be useful in remedying learning difficulties

The tutor with his vast experience will be aware of areas in a particular subject where the students are bound to face difficulties and areas where students in earlier batches have failed. This will enable the tutor to guide the student in avoiding pitfalls.

Taking all these benefits into consideration it would be advisable to take the help of an online tutor to gain a competitive advantage while trying to ace the SSAT.

Enrol for an online summer course, become a pro


Most online courses are equipped to provide winning, appealing and innovative courses that enhance learning and knowledge gaining while providing the required flexibility to the students. Providing a starting point for exploring the exciting learning opportunities these summer courses provide world-class education and make them available at time when the students are able to assimilate more.

Providing instructions, interaction and assessment these courses are entirely in the virtual environment that the student can take at leisure from the comfort of their homes.

Many of these program’s offer ground-breaking and innovative software, gaming simulations and many other digital tools which present information and learning material in a focused manner fostering discussion and learning. Providing varied and flexible learning these courses are academically-rigorous and requiring the same time investment and work as a face-to-face course.

Online summer courses are indeed a great and easy way to learn

While online summer courses are engaging they also provide a learning opportunity to almost anyone across the globe. Online summer courses also offer a fun and easy way to gain knowledge and credits regardless of your holiday engagements and without spoiling your holidays. Whether you are looking to gain credits towards higher education or learn a new skill before re-joining your college, or acquire an additional up-to-date skill in a professional area online summer courses prove to be an excellent option, because of the convenience of time and place that they offer.

Opportunity for learning in a range of specialized areas without geographic boundaries hindering progress

The online summer course offer a wide range of specializations and take the entire duration of your summer break and sometimes a few months / weeks to complete. Students, recent graduates as well as working professionals are seen to benefit from these courses and they can increase their training in the particular field of their choice through the online program. The web based and web enabled course opens doors to studying when you are on a holiday and geographically distant from the school where you are studying. Thus learning during the summer vacation becomes convenient, easy and most welcome.

Online courses retain the rigorous standards

The online summer classes may be seen to be on par with the courses offered in schools and maintain the same rigour and high standards of instruction expected in all courses and the student can select from a wide range of academic courses aligned with their syllabus in school for all chosen subjects. Designed to fit your schedule of summer vacation these courses offer courses during fall, spring and summer sessions.

Providing learning modules which enable students to fulfill curriculum requirements these summer courses are a blessing for students who need to stand out in their classes or for those who wish to gain an extra mileage in their academics.

Online summer classes are collaborative, stimulating, exhilarating, personalized, and wholly activity based.

Research has proven that learning activities during summer improve the math and reading skills of students and this of course leads to improved academic scores.

Go for a great online summer program to improve you science and math skills to the fullest extent possible and see how your scores make you a Pro in class.

Ace the Exam with Help from Online Tutors

Ace the Exam

Studies at the high school level are crucial for advanced educational courses in all areas such as science, math and general studies. While science can be demanding requiring rapt attention, math and general studies can be equally demanding. Being the gateway to advanced learning all these open up great avenues of learning. We see that most students struggle in science, math and sometimes the languages too. With a vast syllabus and requirement for separate learning skills from the students most students resort to online tutoring help to ace the exam.

When the students develop an overwhelming fear of exams and as the final exam dates are fast approaching they need extra guidance and support to get over their panic and map out their time frame and work schedule for the ongoing exams. The subjects such as science make life more difficult for the students purely due to the immensity of the topics and the complexities of the subject itself.

Being able to find help online much ahead of the exams and ensuring that you get the best online tutoring is the best way to ace the exam and overcome all the pitfalls. We find there are many students who lack foundational and fundamental knowledge for science theories in spite of having good grades in the high school. For these students online help and guidance are the best help they can get with their appraisal and evaluation classes and practice sheets on old topics.

What are the factors in Online Tutoring that help students in acing the exam

  • Availability of tutors around the clock – Amidst a hectic school schedule these students are able to find tutors at a time convenient to them and when they sit for the exam preparation in the wee hours of the morning or midnight they are still able to find help with their doubts.  All they need to do is register with a tutoring service online and they will find tutors who can help them at those times and get rid of their puzzling doubts that appear just at the time of the exam.
  • By gaining help online the students are given many practice sheets that enable them to access their subject skills and practical tips for preparation to improve as well as gain practical experience in time management and problem solving in Physics and Chemistry which would otherwise be difficult. By approaching online tutors through skype, email or live chat students are able to clarify their doubts in high school topics much before their exams.

Online help provides the best strategy for preparation

We have seen over the years that the best way to prepare for the exam is to have a one-on-one help from an expert tutor and the internet has made it very easy for students to learn from expert tutors online and made all problems of distance obsolete. If you have been having trouble finding expert guidance in an area close to where you live, then the internet has solved these issues for you by providing help online. Online tutoring provides students with the right strategy required to ace the exam and in truth provides the best help and on par with in-person tutoring.

The quality maintained by online tutors is in fact the same as that provided by face-to-face tutoring. The online tutoring will cover exactly the same portions and curriculum that the face-to-face tutor will provide. In terms of providing you with the required support for acing your exam online tutoring will help you review material from earlier lessons, introduce new topics and give you extra work in the newer lessons as well. Thereby the online tutor will ensure that all portions are covered fully before the exam and that you are thorough before you begin with the exam.

Enrol with a good tutoring service before your exams and ace the tests.

Can the Sleep deprived ever ace an exam?

The answer is a big NO!

Sleep is extremely important for anyone wanting to do well in exams, sports or any other enterprise. There is enough research out there that clearly proves the point. The right amount of sleep and nutrition help kids and teens focus; and focus is the single-most important factor for anyone wanting to ace exams.

Sleep deprived

The most obvious manifestations of ‘lack of sleep’ in children are mood swings, no or little appetite, behavioural and attention disorders. Clearly none of the aforementioned help one focus or concentrate! And that concentration and peace of mind are essential for go-getters is yet another scientifically established fact.

Researchers have time and again indicated that kids and teens should treat sleep with the respect it deserves. Adolescents are specially advised to keep away from ‘all nighters’. Those who follow a healthy diet and sleep pattern are likely to retain more information; have better memory; and feel less tardy. You will actually feel peaceful, keep away from fights and be able to think rationally in tough situations. And that is exactly what one needs to sail through end of year assessments.

So check out these easy to follow exam tips and ace your end of year assessments.

Get the right amount of sleep

Cannot emphasize the point more; at the peril of seeming repetitive – we insist that ‘SLEEP IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!’ You’ll be less careless and your brain will absorb more information. You’ll retain lessons and tricky stuff in a structured way for longer periods. What more do you want?

Spaced Repetition

Now, this is an interesting way to remember your lessons. Divide your chapters and study one at a time; alternate in between subjects and lessons. This is a good way to remember what you’ve read. It makes revision easier and you are more likely to remember what you’ve studied.

Weave an interesting tale

A great way to retain information! Associate your lesson with your favorite story. Or abbreviate an answer so you can relate to it and remember what you’ve read.

Write it down

Making notes always helps. Handwriting helps to memorize lessons in a more structured way.

Never Undermine Old Test papers with Answer Keys

Always look for relevant test papers and answer keys. While you revise your lessons, we recommend you go through these papers.

Drink lots of water; an occasional cup of hot tea or coffee won’t harm.

Stay hydrated. It does well to drink water, juices, fluids and healthy beverages.

Look out for more exam tips from our experts!

Online Tutoring has Revolutionized Education and How?

Online tutoring has revolutionized education and How

Online tutoring is a relatively new way of teaching. Not that the concept hasn’t been around for a while now; people have started accepting it as a more accessible, flexible and convenient way to learn. Information technology has changed our lives and online tutoring service is one such manifestation.

It has become very easy for students from all walks of life to get information on courses and examinations online; unlike in the past when a select crowd had access to special gifted programs and competitive examinations. Parents today are aware of the advantages of introducing their children to competitive examinations at an early age. Gone are days when people approached tutoring institutions and paid large amounts for course material. Best online tutoring service has revolutionized the way children train for special education programs.

To state very simply, qualified tutors use online forums and classrooms to teach specific courses. The new way to study gives children a wide range of options. One can actually access a good tutor in another part of the world from the comfort of their home.

Advantages of Online Tutors

The new way to teach and study is mutually beneficial to students and educators worldwide. Top advantages include:

Communication across borders

Communication across borders

There is no limit to what we can do with online tutoring. You can sit in India and join an online class that is being operated from the United States of America. This is an innovative concept and redefines the way parents look for coaching centers. In the days of the yore one had to limit oneself to options available in the vicinity. Today you can simply join the best teaching academy online. You have access to domain experts who can guide you on a specific subject. You need not make do with one teacher who may or may not have extensive understanding of the subject or course matter.

Save Travel Time

online classroom

Naturally when one joins an online classroom, one can simply study from the comfort of her/his home. That way, children save on stamina, travel time and of course are safer. Parents needn’t worry about their kids travelling in public transport or walking to a coaching class at noon or unsafe hours.

Concentrate on Studying

Concentrate on Studying

Joining an e-training center helps students concentrate on studying. Since a student is at home, not with friends; and interacting with a tutor online; the chances of getting distracted are less.

No Fixed Study Hours

No Fixed Study Hours

Most etutoring companies offer flexi teaching sessions to accommodate students. This helps children make adjustments to their time table based on their regular schedule.

Online Study Resources

Online Study Resources

One of the most beautiful aspects of joining an online tutoring program is one doesn’t have to spend extra on books and study material. In most cases students receive loads of quality study material online.

Online Mock Exams

Online Mock Exams

Students are made to appear for mock papers that train them effectively for the real test.

Interactive Online Sessions

Interactive Online Sessions

Above all etutoring is not just about interacting through Skype or Emails. Besides online classrooms students are given face to face sessions through video conferencing.

To Conclude

Online instruction has revolutionized education. Students have access to materials that aren’t usually available in brick and mortar book shops. And the advantages of joining etutoring programs are one too many. Children can prepare for international competitive exams and broaden their horizons without much effort. This is the beauty of the modern information age. Everything is accessible to everyone!

Plan your SCAT Test Prep – Go for Max

SCAT Test Prep

It would indeed be an achievement of great proportions if students could ace the SCAT with a percentile score of 90%.  A standardized test designed by the Center for Talented Youth, of John Hopkin University, the SCAT test aids academically gifted children to move on to the next level in academics. Since the SCAT is designed primarily to test the above-grade-level skills of the students it becomes necessary that the student prepares in such a manner that he / she aims to ace the test with a maximum percentile mark. This being an above-grade test, after the test the student will be provided with information that will tell him how he fared in comparison with students in his or her grade as well as students in higher grades for whom the test was originally created.

Tests can be taken only twice in an academic year

The SCAT™ (School and College Ability Test™) is designed to be above grade level which means it is supposed to be difficult, even for very bright children. This test can be taken only twice a year and hence it’s imperative that the student aims high and preparation towards this end is important so that he does not need to wait another year to pass out successfully.

Online tutoring comes to your aid

Online tutoring can be a great help in this preparation and will ensure that the student gains confidence while identifying the weak areas and rectifying them with extra effort and preparation in those particular subjects and skill set required.
More than 90% of the students who have enrolled for the tutoring guidance have been found to gain enormously while acing the test with a 90+ percentile score on the SCAT.

Many versions of the test requires that the student works with trained tutors who would know the requirements of each level and will guide and tutor to ensure maximum success.

Preparation to solve higher level problems will prove advantageous

Since the test is always meant to look into the proficiency levels of the student at a level higher and levels greater than the one he / she is prepared for in school, it is imperative that the student makes effort to study to solve these higher grade problems. While external help from tutors can prove to be beneficial and essential, this test has to be taken with the utmost seriousness and the student has to be equipped with the right kind of preparation and skills that will help him ace the test. With preparation with a structured approach to the subjects and topics with great understanding of higher-level concepts, enhanced verbal reasoning skills, effective test taking strategies and lots of practice the student can ace the test with ease and tutoring helps the student in cracking the exam.

Carefully designed course work comes to the rescue

The course designed and developed by online tutoring experts is created with careful scrutiny of the expectation from the test for each level with lessons, worksheets and practice tests which will give the student enough arsenal to perform exceptionally well in the test and the live one to one coaching proves a great support while preparing for these higher level tests.

Considering the difficulties posed by these higher level tests, taking the guidance and expert advice from these tutoring services can prove invaluable.

E-Learning – How has it affected Teaching and Learning in a Global Age


Providing students with a completely different learning environment, E-learning demands a new set of skill sets from them. With a huge increase in the volume of information that is available to students it is now becoming imperative that they have the superior skills like critical thinking, evaluations skills and researching abilities. Moreover in subjects and courses offered completely online students become much more flexible, self-determining and autonomous. This also leads to the need to be greatly focused, driven, motivated and with a great commitment to learning as the social interaction and peer pressure is reduced and sometimes non-existent. Although most students who have committed themselves to online classes do as well as their friends who are in a classroom setup, there is a greater chance of there being dropouts and withdrawal leading to incomplete grades.

E-learning and its contribution in the global age

E-Learning can be defined as learning process created in collaboration with content delivered digitally, network-based and has also been seen as technologically arbitrated education with the use of computers incorporating distance learning or a face-to-face classroom setting. This is seen as learning with assistance from a computer where there is a clear shift from the traditional to ICT based and personalized, self-disciplined, self-organized, learning within a community of teachers, and learners, enablers, implementers and experts etc. There is an enhancement of knowledge and performance with the use of internet based technology at the global level.  With the advent of E-learning and its spreading around the globe we see what it has to offer: It offers the learners control over content, control over the pace of learning, control over learning sequence, control over time taken to learn and the possibility of tailoring their learning to meet their personal goals. Apart from this there is the ease with which the global learner can now manage their access to the e-learning materials, peer review of the resources available online, as well as arriving at a consensus regarding technical standardizations etc.

The various innovations that are seen in e-learning technologies show us a revolution in the education system which has hitherto allowed learning to become customized and individualized (adaptive learning) as well as leading to concerted, collective and collaborated learning while leading to phenomenal transformation in teacher roles. Educators are no longer seen as distributors of content but as facilitators for the learning process as well as assessors of proficiency, capabilities and interests.

E-learning in the global age allows for internet based learning which is made possible to deliver a wide array of solutions leading to knowledge enhancement and performance. In the field of medicine E-learning is used to improve efficiency and effectiveness while providing interventional education in the aspect of social, pedagogical and scientific challenges.

What do we see as the areas that need greater focus in the coming years and for the global age of E-Learning?

  • Greater availability of learning material and experiences for those learners who do not wish to attend traditional face-to-face methods and offerings.
  • Cost-effective dissemination of instructional content across the many media and across the globe.
  • Teachers being able to impart learning to more students while maintaining the quality of the learning outcome especially to rural students and students who have opted for specialized courses.
  • The content once created must be managed standardized and delivered in the most efficient and appropriate manner, whether it is instructional material of small portions or larger modules.

Tips from expert E-tutors on how to prepare for the SSAT

 Do not wait until later or until the last minute to take a practice test

How to Prepare for the SSAT

The best way to prepare for the actual test is to take practice tests and take them much ahead of the exams. This will ensure that you know your weak areas, and become familiar with the pattern and format of the exam. You will also become comfortable with the tests and this confidence will come in useful when it really counts. Practice will help you develop a perfect attitude towards taking the test and improve your confidence levels tremendously because with the practice the questions and the answers would have become familiar; thereby ensuring you relax and perform better.

Ensure you take timed practice tests

Take timed tests so that you can improve on the timing before the actual examination. If you find that you are taking more time to finish one section of the paper this would be an indication of where you need to work faster and maybe harder. The more questions you are able to answer in a given time the better it is for you and this improves your chances of succeeding in the test. Your concentration will improve and you will answer the question efficiently and quickly. Ensure you use a stopwatch or a timer.

Ensure that you duplicate the test environment

Try to ensure that you take your practice tests in a quiet room exactly the way you envisage the actual examination hall to be. No distractions, no cell phone buzzing, no iPod, no stereo, and no TV. Sit at a table or desk and ape the actual test environment as much as possible.

Repeat the Tests at least twice

Make sure you take the tests at least twice and providing a gap of a few weeks between each test.

Commit to memory the test format and structure

Ensure that you are acquainted with the test format and structure since having knowledge of what’s expected of you is as important as the timing. This would help you know what material is covered as well under each section and enable you to understand the way the questions are worded.

Think like an examiner

Become acquainted with the variations in the questions and the manner in which they are expressed, phrased, worded or presented. Also, learn to think like the examiner. Try and find out what he / she is asking and also understand the question from the examiner’s point of view.

Do not resort to cramming

There are years of subject material that needs to be covered and cramming is not going to work. All the subject matter having to be studied in a few weeks will be next to impossible. Reviewing the subjects on the other hand would be a distinct possibility. This is where e-tutoring for specific subjects can come in useful and help you deal with the specific subject in the manner and approach given by the tutor. While studying instead of cramming, note those topics / questions that you don’t understand. Creating and keeping such a list saves you valuable time as you go closer to the test date. Do get help in the areas where you are facing trouble.

Remember that practice makes perfect

By writing out what you are unsure of you will increase the capacity of your brain to store that information and this will help at the time of the exam. Tackle the most difficult first and get help from an E-tutor wherever it’s needed.

 You can ace the SSAT with expert guidance from an e-tutor. Hope these tips have given you an advantage while preparing for the exam.

E-Tutoring – The modern way to prepare for SSAT

Many private schools require students for admission to take standard tests which help the schools assess the level of preparedness of the student for educational / academic work. The most pertinent and common tests being used to determine this are the SSAT and the ISSE. While your child may have done well in her previous school, there is a standard test which is necessary for gauging the child for admission to a private school. One may wonder what the reason is for the requirement of the admission test, when after all the child has had good grades and her teachers have given her a certificate of good conduct. The problem is that the admissions team in the private schools have no way of knowing exactly how much and what your child has learnt in the current school or what the child has not learnt. These standardized tests level the playing field for all students! They are a measure of your child’s performance against standard bench marks.

The modern way to prepare for SSAT

E-tutoring gives you and your child a new and modern approach to acing the SSAT. E-tutors with the years of experience and knowledge combined with the wisdom that comes with experience are able to take away the drudgery of preparing for these tests by bringing in a systematic approach devoid of ambiguity and provide you with a basic set of rules for the study process.

What the students must be aware of before beginning the preparation:

Testing is only part of the process of admission and it gives an indication of your child’s aptitude for the academic work which he or she would be taking up.

These tests test the child’s aptitude for math and language with a list of multiple choice questions. The language section comprises of exercise in comprehension and vocabulary. The math sections would deal with basic algebra, arithmetic and geometry. The important thing that the student should remember is that there will be negative marking for wrong answers – quarter of a point will be deducted for a wrong answer. These and many more such important and noteworthy points are what an E-tutor is able to bring your focus to. With this understanding the E-tutor prepares you in such a manner that the rigor and the tedium is removed.

Other areas where the E-tutor prepares you:

There will be experimental questions and the student may not even be aware of which ones these are. The clue and the advice here is – answer as many questions as possible and answer those for which you are reasonably sure of the answer.

Please ensure that you take full advantage of the E-tutoring class and take as many practice papers as possible to assess your skills levels and your competency levels. Taking the aid of the E-tutor you should ensure you have corrected your errors much before taking the test.

Become familiar with the test format. This is another area where the E-tutor will be able to guide you. The student may be aware of the answers in and out, but if he is not aware of the format he / she may not perform to the fullest potential.

The E-tutoring will give you a smart way of preparing for the test and keep you disciplined in your approach. Starting your preparation early and not cramming the content and / or the subject is another point to bear in mind and this again will become a part of your “learning smart”. Knowing what is expected of you, taking practice tests and as many as you possibly can, reviewing the subject matter with your tutor as many times as possible – all these become routine and fun with the right help from the right tutor. Remember that if your child is applying to a competitive school, her getting excellent test scores will be a deciding factor in his / her favor.

Do consider an experienced E-tutoring service for your child’s educational needs.

Ace the SSAT and get into the Best Private Schools with Expert Tutoring


If you happen to be a parent wishing to enroll your child in a private secondary school then you are certainly aware of the SSAT (The Secondary School Admission Test) which if performed well can ensure your child’s admission into selective private schools. The SSAT is being used by a few schools throughout the country, as an entrance exam that screens out the less qualified applicants. The SSAT is being used widely to assess the academic competency level of the students who apply to these select schools. Therefore it follows that there is a lot of weightage given to this test and doing well in it ensures your child’s admission to these private schools.

Best Private Schools with Expert Tutoring

How will students ace the test with help from tutors?

Tutoring has been widespread and has been found to be invaluable in enabling the students to excel in the SSAT. Given the current academic climate, the students aspiring to get into private schools have a need to receive outside help not just with standardized tests but also with their academic work. While in the past only those students who had been performing poorly sought outside help, today that the relentless competition and need for higher skill sets has led to even middle and top of class students taking outside help. They take help not just with the standardized tests but with their academic work as well. The right tutoring support can help these students in bolstering their knowledge and skills.

There are many tests that these students take for admission into the private schools such as ISEE, SSAT or COOP while there are other public schools which prescribe state-mandated tests which are pre-requisites for admission.

With the right tutoring, students will get to know the content of the tests as well as the strategies for understanding and answering the questions correctly. These standardized tests may be a challenge for students who have attended progressive schools and may find difficulty even in understanding the questions from these standardized tests. Even the bright students will need help while taking the practice tests and in learning to answer questions under timed situations and conditions. With an experienced tutor your child receives the required coaching in acquiring the skills which for better or worse are today a feature of modern education right from the lowest to the highest grade.

What is the right way to use tutors for excelling in the SSAT?

Tutors not only work with the content but also help the students with better test preparation strategies, study skills, and discipline required to ace these tests. Tutors thereby end up preparing the student for developing skills for life-long development and learning.

With the tutors who are also specialists in their subject the scope of understanding the particular subject within the SSAT increases and this is something the student should leverage on. Direct instruction from the tutors on how to study effectively and efficiently is of great benefit to the student. The tutors who also would have a good understanding and knowledge of their schools, with the requisite subject matter expertise, will help by ensuring they start preparation way ahead of the tests and preventing them from doing last minute preparations. Taking a couple of practice tests with the guidance of the tutor will prepare the student well ahead and also be a pointer to the errors and enable correction. Practice tests also provide a better understanding of the test format, the manner of questions asked and the time prescribed for answering them.

Finding a remedy for learning difficulties is another area where the tutor will be invaluable. The tutor will be able to guide you in the areas that other students in earlier batches have failed and thereby prepare you to avoid pitfalls.

So considering all these advantages, do consider enrolling with a tutoring center / organizations if you wish to ace the SSAT and get admission into that private school of your dreams!