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5 must-dos before you Apply to your Dream College

Most High School Students hope to get acceptances from their top choices for colleges. However, the application process often gets overwhelming. Deciding on the best career, considering the opportunities available vis-à-vis your interests is often challenging. Preparing a to-do-list will help you remain organized and plan ahead. Here are 5 must-dos before applying to colleges:Dream College

1. Make an endeavor to score at least 3 credits on your AP course exam. Good colleges demand a minimum of 4 AP credits during the application process.

2. Improve on your SAT I score. An average score of 1500 will not be considered good enough by most top colleges. Read more +

7 AP Exam Tips N Tricks

AP is one of the most important and toughest exams in a student’s life. A good AP score earns a college credit whereas not doing well in AP does not make much of a difference in the college admission process or otherwise.

With just a month to go for this year’s AP exams, most high school students are busy reviewing content they studied earlier and also finishing the last of their course’s topics. Below are tips from expert online AP tutors for students taking AP exams this year: Read more +

How to Write an Ideal Essay

Mastering the Skill of Essay Writing

Essay is an attempt at a short piece of writing that discusses, describes or analyzes a topic. Essays are of various types such as, expository, persuasive, narrative and literary reviews. Writing is a skill and you can learn to write outstanding essays by following some rules and practicing. Diligence and direction are crucial to master essay writing skill. You have three different processes and they are pre-writing, actual writing and finally after writing. Most of all you need to be focused and have the desire to succeed.

Just follow these guidelines and surprise yourself by writing that Ideal Essay. Read more +

The furor over the Common Core

Last month, I had a chance to attend one of the three forums on the Common Core Standards organized by New York State senator Greg Ball’s office at the Lakeland Copper Beach middle school in Yorktown Heights. I was quite astonished at the turnout. Nearly 100 students and parents showed up. The event was organized primarily to get student inputs on the new Common Core standards that were in varying stages of implementation in New York.  Senator Ball has also launched a petition to stop Common Core in NYS on his Senate website that now has over 7,000 signatures. In early February, the State Board of Regents of New York voted to delay the implementation of the Common Core Standards until 2022. And, that is just the state of New York. Politicians, Educators & Public Policy officials across the country have been up in arms over the Common Core standards. It is hard to imagine any other public policy initiative aimed at K-12 Education in recent past that have generated so much controversy. The Blog will attempt to shed some perspective on the same and provide some guidance to parents & students – the principals most impacted by the Common Core Standards

Read more +

6 Effective Tips to Nail that English Test

Get it Right & Show off your Scores!!

There are two areas of English that are of utmost importance and a student is assessed for:

  • Usage/Mechanics—punctuation, grammar and usage, and sentence structure
  • Rhetorical Skills—understanding the use of strategy, organization, and style in writing

The right approach towards preparing for an English Test – be it a class test or any standardized test is the key to better scores. Tips to study right and learn right will help you do well on all those tricky questions.

1. Vocabulary:img_tips_blog

  • Focus! Focus! & Focus!
  • Read and read and read! Practice is the key!
  • Guess the meaning by context and use it too!
  • Note down new words!
  • Take a break! Play scrabble! Boggle or Crossword puzzle!

2: Analogy

  • Connection counts!
  •  Find the right link!
  • Say it aloud!
  • Analogy is comparison
  • As load is to baggage
  • Link is to analogy!! Read more +

What in the world is ‘Learning by Design?

A unique, new age approach which is the result of years of research on the learning styles in adolescents and adults. This Learning by Design format is an approach that is designed to be inculcated in kids who are in the 3rd grade and above.  Research has shown that the ages of 7 to 14 represent the best years for learning the foundational concepts in education.  Learning by Design can engage children in deep learning combined with developing cognitive, social and communication skills that lay a strong foundation for them to become successful thinkers and decision makers in life. Learning by Design catapults children to take a liking to subjects that can otherwise be mundane and dull. Read more +

Free Rational & Irrational Numbers Math Worksheet for Grade 8

Struggling to find quality practice questions and worksheets for “Rational & Irrational Numbers”? eTutorWorld’s free worksheet is here to rack your brains and help you practice for your tests. You can go ahead and download this arithmetic worksheet from here.

The free worksheet covers a range of questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication of Rational & Irrational Numbers.

Download Worksheet

Mathematical Thinking as a Trait

Spotting an innate ability is like discovering a gem. The more you look at it the more it stands out. For among the strikingly observable, lies a buried trait that if utilized can shake the paradigm of monotony and replace it with authenticity in thinking. If an educator is able to discover this buried trait in learners, he/she can disclose this precious gem which in many instances is hidden from the learners like a secret. The subject of Mathematics derives its rig-our from classical logic, which in turn is based on rational thought process. It may interest the reader to know that even in Mathematics there are certain aspects (axioms) which are taken for granted. In fact Bertrand Russell, a British Mathematician said that his brother introduced him to a particular branch of Mathematics and said that for them to proceed they would have to take a few axioms for granted. At that point Russell was inclined to dispute it but he realized soon why his brother was justified. Russell later on worked to reduce Mathematics to logic. Read more +

The Ills of Academic Expectations

Educators face turbulence while organizing the learning experience of students. They have to adhere to the schedule and syllabus on one hand and learners’ interactions on the other. Very few are able to predict just what kind of interactions they would actually come across in a classroom setting. The fact that some teachers are able to predict the response and reactions of students is indicative of the validity of analyses that goes behind their attempts at organizing learning and their depth in particular. The insight hitherto reveals the classroom-context from the educator’s perspective. Read more +