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How Adopting Technology for Education has Improved Quality of Learning

Technology has become an integral part of education today more than ever before. The outlook of students on education has been radically shaped by technology. Technology has been sculpting the entire educational system since its first use in the 1950s. The following major trends are speculated in the educational pedagogy as the impact of technology

  • M- learning or Mobile learning
  • Self-Directed learning
  • Personalised and self-paced learning
  • Possibility of new developments in e-learning enabling it to become the primary mode of learning
  • Plentiful online learning resources and more efficient search engines
  • Use of Big Data Analytics to support e-learning

M-learning or Mobile learning


Technology has always been an enabler providing the convenience of learning without the barrier of time and location. M-learning enables the student to learn using mobile devices like handhelds, smart phones, tablets and notebooks at anytime and anyplace. These devices are great resources for networking, for sharing interactive applications and videos, podcasting or webcasting lectures and educational videos live or recorded and student-teacher interaction especially in e-learning.

These mobile devices have become the primary mode of learning for distance-learning students and help in one-on-one interaction between students and the teacher. They also help in giving instant feedback, regular and systematic assessment, interchange of information among students and teachers, providing constant updates about any information related to the course etc.

Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning

Equipped with the best possible tool called technology, the onus rests on the students to carve their way to their destiny in the world of education. The students now have access to a whole lot of relevant information through efficient search engines like alta vista. Education has taken a new creative and exciting form through gamification and educational mobile apps. The students of today are the leaders and are responsible for directing their career path, making full utilization of the abundant resources offered to them by technology.

Individualized and self-paced learning

Individualized and self-paced learning

Personalized learning is a new concept with an extensive scope in e-learning. It is one of the much sought-after innovations in e-learning. It is still on debate but it is a well-known fact that if individualized and self-paced approach can be adopted, the GPAs are sure to rise enormously. Personalized learning can undoubtedly nurture the student’s sense of ownership over education, motivate them and help them put the right amount of effort to achieve their career goals.

Scope for new breakthroughs in e-learning enabling it to become the primary mode of learning

Technological breakthroughs like Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) are learning platforms through which information, tools and resources are exchanged among the teachers, students, parents and others involved in education. Personalized learning support is one of the major developments to be made in the near future to facilitate the student in choosing their own pathway of learning. Now, 46% of US college students opt for online learning. This percentage is deemed to increase significantly, owing to the major technological breakthroughs predicted in e learning.

Plentiful online learning resources and more efficient search engines

Thanks to technology, there is an overflow of information available online for students to access. Plenty of open online educational resources like Open Ed which is the largest online resource library, enhance the student learning experience. Efficient search engines like Blekko.com and AOL.com are evolving and developing day by day to assist students in finding the right information without having to browse through a lot of unwanted information.

Use of Big Data Analytics to support e-learning

With more students switching to e-learning courses, Big Data Analytics can offer great support not only in the evaluation of student’s performance but also in tracking the student’s performance throughout the course. This can ultimately help in personalizing the learning for the student. With students streaming in from various platforms and various backgrounds into e-learning, Big Data is the only solution to all the issues caused by the overwhelming number of e -learners.

STEM education by President Barrack Obama can be undoubtedly quoted as an instance for the successful blend of technology and education. Technology has and will continue to enhance the quality of learning for eternity.

E-Learning is Here to Stay

The invention of internet has modernized the manner of retrieval and exchange of information. It acts as a treasure house of knowledge providing information about almost anything in the world, as a social interaction platform with social networking possibilities, a market place with eCommerce opportunity, a virtual workplace with telecommuting options, and a place for learning with e-learning capabilities.  The value and the scope of internet based activities are constantly growing due to their steady success rates. E-learning is probably the foremost of these activities with the greatest potential benefits.

E LearningThanks to the array of smart devices, innovative learning styles and interactive multimedia components, e-learning methods have evolved as more efficient, structured and scalable education systems than the traditional methods.

The key enablers of the growing success of e-learning are:


Affordable costs

Affordable costs

E-learning systems provide value added education services at reduced costs. The widespread uses of smart devices and internet have made these systems easily accessible to all. The course fees of online programs are more affordable when compared to the conventional courses.  As the result of multiple structuring of course subjects into different levels, a student has more options to make a choice based on the purpose of learning.


Accessible at all times

Accessible at all times

The greatest advantage of e-learning courses is their accessibility. The course materials are accessible literally at any time of the day and from any part of the world. This feature has not only saved time and effort of commuting to the universities and institutes, but also enabled self-paced learning.


Flexible learning

Flexible learning

The online learning methods offer flexibility in selection of courses, fixing their schedules, duration, and learning styles. Due to the use of portable devices and virtual platforms, e-learning is possible even during travel or leisure time. Hence it enables working professionals and students of other regular programs to easily organize the learning process without allowing it to affect their daily routines.


Simplified content

Simplified content

The implementation of novel learning approaches like micro-learning and gamification have simplified the learning of complex concepts to a great extent. The systematic planning of content in innovative formats like storyboards, infographics, audio instructions and video presentations has made learning quick and easy.

Enhanced learning through live teaching sessions

live teaching sessionsThe invention of online communication channels like web conferencing and Voice over IP has boosted the power of e-learning with enhanced capabilities for live teaching known as online tutoring. The students of e-learning programs can interact with online tutors for obtaining help whenever they need it. Their self-learning efforts get augmented by the real-time assistance and inspiration provided by online tutors. The possible information overload and difficulty in understanding complex concepts are eliminated by the help of an online tutor.


Invoking interest

Invoking interest

Education combined with interactivity creates wonderful results by making the learning more effective and enduring, especially for the younger learners. The delivery of course content in various multimedia formats has made it easy to perceive and understand the material. Children are fascinated to learn using online programs due to the interactive way of presenting the content in the form of games, puzzles, quizzes, storytelling and animations. It kindles interest to learn newer concepts in a fun-filled manner.


Improved course control

Better course control

E-learning programs enable a customized learning pace providing room for easy tracking of progress by the instructor and provision of timely feedback and suggestions. They are also made scalable and adjustable according to the individual proficiencies. The better manageability of course flow is the unique benefit of online learning.

Inquisitive learning by means of online tutoring

There are some unique challenges involved in e-learning that are absent in class-room learning. They include increased time and effort due to self-learning, tendency of losing interest owing to solitary learning and lack of social atmosphere and the need to adopt a more mechanised process of learning. However, these challenges can be tackled more effectively by online tutoring methods. Online tutors play a vital role in meeting the above challenges by means of one-on-one interactions, virtual discussion boards and e-mail feedback. They promote interest in learning by humanizing the learning sessions as seen in the traditional methods of learning. Kindling interest is essential in keeping the focus and momentum of students and enabling inquisitive approach towards learning. The impetus obtained through online tutoring has a tremendous impact on the success of e-learning programs.



E-learning methodology has all the benefits of traditional methods of learning with many added advantages as discussed above. These immense benefits of adopting e-learning in education have made it the fittest way of learning to survive. E-learning methods are well-established to take a leading edge over the conventional methods of learning in the years to come.

E-Learning Trends to Follow in 2015

E-Learning Trends to follow in 2015While examining what are the key e-learning trends to be seen in2015, we discovered the following which will be of interest to our readers.

 SAAS ( School as a Service)

SAAS ( School as a Service)

This is a trend that has impacted the academic sector to a great extent with more enterprises vying for a foothold in this sector. As we are aware companies are now their own publishers and producers – similarly they will begin their own schools and colleges whereby they will own and market their online degrees and certificate program. While this will be a huge profit centre there are issues such as the skill-gap that would need to be dealt with. The result would be that these SaaS initiatives would try to attract, train and retain employees with skill sets of a high order in the areas of programming, mobile application development, financial services, oil and gas, cyber security, and biotech. With a shortage of skilled workers the manufacturing sector will approach this issue by employing a hand-on approach, using mobile smart-watch learning.

 Gamification is the next big word in e-learning

Gamification is the next big word in e-learning

This is the approach where game mechanics and game design is employed to engage and inspire students to achieve their goals.

Gamification is now seen as a problem solving tool rather than just a tool to enable and enhance learning.

Gamification has expanded its horizon beyond e learning and training. Gamification in the future will ring forth applications that will help in new product development and complex problem solving. With gamification evolving companies will have their entire organization including engineers and scientists, involved in problem solving. This has been seen to happen in cases where gamers have solved complex problems, like the mystery of the HIV enzyme which had perplexed scientists for decades. Gamification takes the elements of games and finds application in the learning environment. Gamification gets into the basic craving and yearning / desires of the user and thereby their status and achievement.

How does gamification help and what is its importance in learning?

Research has proven that learners recall just about 10% of what they read, and 20% of what they hear. Where the material has visuals, we have seen that the learning is enhanced further. The percentage increases to 30 and with someone carrying out an action or demonstrating with action, the percentage further increases to 50. More than all these, if the learners execute the job by themselves then they remember 90% even when the job is done in simulation mode. Around 80% of people responding to surveys feel that they would be much more productive if their own work were game like, while 90% of users experience that competitions online are fun.

 “Wear what you learn”

Wear what you learn

Wearable e-learning will be the next big thing. What do we mean by this? When looking at eLearning trends the “watch” is the thing you need to watch. If this needs to be incorporated in the eLearning environment radical design changes would be required for the mini screen (the watch). Although the micro screen may not be suited for all types of learning, it will find application in student performance enhancement and alerting students of their poor performance or when they tend to perform a task incorrectly.

We will continue to provide a broad understanding of the many trends in eLearning. Watch out for more in this space.

Can you Achieve Excellence in Academics using Online Tutors?

Academic excellence is the primary goal of education. A person with good academic background gains more self-esteem and achieves professional success. The process of developing this merit needs to be initiated by parents, right from the early years of education. Though schools provide the platform and training to impart academic knowledge, parents have a special role to play in converting the acquired knowledge to brilliance.

Children learn better in the comfort of the home environment when their parents provide additional support to their studies. Individual attention and close monitoring of the progress are essential for ensuring that the children are in the right track towards meritorious achievements. Parents are finding it increasingly difficult to devote more time for this purpose due to their busy work schedules. This challenge can be well-addressed by embracing online tutoring methods.

Here are some of the reasons why online tutoring is the best supplementary education method in facilitating academic excellence:

1. Personalized attention

Personalized attention
Courses can be designed based on the individual needs of the students. A personalized tutoring package can be planned according to their performance levels in different subjects. Teaching methodologies can also be customized in accordance with the individual learning style of the students. The subjects of interest of the students or the subjects where the student need more emphasis can be selected by the parents and included as the core subject in the course.

2. Choice of experts

Choice of experts
The advantage in adopting online tutoring is the availability of expert teachers. Tutors with excellent skills and proven success are carefully selected by the online tutoring institutes to offer the virtual teaching services. The profiles of these tutors can be further compared and the tutor best suitable for the learning demands of their children can be chosen by the parents.

There is also the possibility of appointing different tutors for different subjects. This specialized expertise in each subject will prove extremely beneficial to enhance the performance of students. It may not be affordable in case of conventional tutoring.

3. Convenience in learning

Convenience in learning
Online tutoring model offers flexibility in learning to students. Scheduling of classes can be based on the student’s availability. Due to the availability of special learning materials and guides online, the students can study at their own pace and time of convenience in advance. They can get their queries answered quickly during the online tutoring sessions.

If a specific subject seems overwhelming or monotonous to the students, they can choose a different subject for learning and come back to the complex subject at a later point of time. They can also record the teaching sessions for reference.

This method is convenient for parents as well because the need for commuting to a tutoring center is eliminated thereby saving valuable time and enhancing the knowledge acquisition process.

4. Interesting and interactive

Interesting and interactive

Online learning is more interesting to the student as it is interactive. As major part of their learning in schools include online methods like videos and presentations, online tutoring will ensure the consistency in the use of learning tools.  The visual information of the digital course materials will help students to learn more effectively and remember concepts easily. Research has proven that with learning aided by videos and presentations, students tend to retain more than 90% of what is being taught. As students prefer to use tablets and laptops, they will be more willing to learn using e-learning methods. They rarely get bored when online tools are used for learning.

5. Scope for assessing the tutors

Scope for assessing the tutors
Due to the possibility of recording the online sessions for review, parents have the ability to track the performance of the tutors and reassess the extension of their services periodically. In case of unsatisfactory teaching performance of a specific tutor, they also have the option of choosing different tutors.

With great flexibility in learning, the professional guidance by the best educators, and the smart learning methods, online tutoring will provide that extra edge to the students to excel academically and achieve unlimited success in this competitive world.

Building In Children the Foundation for Excellence

One of the ways of determining usefulness of education is by observing results achieved. It is not without limitation. Can there be anything like useful knowledge? If there is then it seems to imply that there is such a thing as useless knowledge. If it were to be taken literally that it is useful to know certain concepts because they are going to fetch monetary returns then genuine interest for any subject is sabotaged. Read more +

Trouble with Homework? –Here’s Help

Children have a lot of work to do at school and the load can get tiring. In a classroom typically the student is a listener receiving inputs from a teacher. He/she needs to have time to process the information. Without understanding what is being taught correctly you will have trouble keeping pace and doing your homework.

There are incentives that teachers and parents keep giving a child to make him/her do homework. But what people forget is that to finish your homework you need to have understood the lessons that were taught to you in class. You might be behind the class as sustaining concentration throughout the day is a big challenge to any child or learner. Therefore there is a gap in your learning whenever you are behind class. Online tutoring can help you fill those gaps.

Read more +

Skills to Brush before New school year Rush – I

Back to School Tips – Elementary School

For an elementary school child, the main responsibility of preparing for the new academic year is of the parents’. There are many ‘new’ aspects that both students & parents have to cope with:


New Curriculum & Expectations– More than any thing else, it’s the upgraded curriculum and subjects that makes most students nervous about a new school year. With the advanced syllabus, everybody knows that there comes about more study time and more home work. Many children begin to feel edgy when advanced topics are taught in class. Its always a good idea to have your little one practice for subjects like math, reading and writing ahead of the school year. This will help your child keep in touch during the summer break, know what to expect and feel confident when those topics are taught in a class room. You could either home teach your child or enroll her for a ‘Back to School’ program.

New books

New books

With the new curriculum and syllabus, it is difficult to carry on the books from last school year. However, writing and art books with blank pages can be preserved, decorated and reused for practice and play. Children are always fascinated and motivated to study from their new books.

New Teachers

New Teachers

Its but natural for parents & kids to feel anxious about meeting and learning with a new teacher. ‘Will I like my new teacher?’ ‘Will my child’s new teacher understand her problems?’ are some obvious questions that arise. However, there is one basic thing we need to remember – All teachers are humans! They have emotions and a natural instinct to love and teach their young students. Moreover, as a part of their teacher-training program, all teachers are equipped to handle various situations and children from various social, emotional and intellectual backgrounds.If possible it’s always good to connect with new teachers and convey to them that you are happy to be involved in your child’s progress at school.

New class

New class

In the new academic year, if your child is progressing to elementary school from kindergarten, you will have to mentally prepare your little one for a new environment in a new class room. Schools and teachers make sure that the transition to the next grade is gradual and smooth but its always a good idea to speak to your child about the progression.

New activities

New activities

Every year, your child will participate in various after-school-activities. Its always good to know the various after-school-activities your child can take up in the coming school year and get her mentally prepared for them. As a parent, be a part of the PTA to have a better idea of the various school events. Volunteer for school trips and other events to make your child feel happier and motivated.

New school kits

New school kits

As your child’s summer break comes to a close, parents have a plethora of ‘Back to School’ kits to choose from. Each seems better than the other. Your child would want to own every other kit. However, choosing the right school kit depends entirely on what your child has and what is needed. Often shoes, clothes, bag packs, lunch bags and stationery kits can be reused from last year. Other than saving you some money, it would also teach your child the importance to value what they have and hence keep them carefully. Hand me downs from friends and family when their kids have out grown clothes is also a budget-friendly option.

So get set for the new school year and enjoy yourself see your little one go ‘Back to School’.